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Farewell! Be thy Destinies Onward and Bright!

Goodbye Fencing

3 Thought Experiments: An Exercise in Ponens and Tollens

Against Incomparability

Why We’re Here

Further Reading:

If you’re interested in how I think and where I draw inspiration from, you can read more of my blog/talk to me check out some of the following:

Rationality: From AI to Zombies: This is the book-ification of the Sequences (Eliezer Yudkowsky’s attempt to teach the world the art of rationality).

Slate Star Codex: This is a politics/medicine/rationality/effective altruism blog by a man dedicated to evidence, wherever it leads.

Thing of Things: Race/gender/mental health blog by one of the funniest and most compelling Griffindor Primaries I’ve ever read.

My Faults My Own: Written by the only one of my intellectual role models that I personally know.